12th – 14th JUNE 2024


Armenian – German Cooperation 2024 – 2026

DigitalLife (Digital LifeSciences for Genome-Based Healthcare)


Institute of Molecular Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (IMB)
Armenian Bioinformatics Institute (ABI)
Interdisciplinary Centre for Bioinformatics of the University of Leipzig (IZBI)

Supported by State Committee of Science of Armenia
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Deutschland)
FAST (Foundation of Armenian Science and Technology)


Hans Binder (IZBI,, Henry Loeffler-Wirth (IZBI), Arsen Arakelyan (IMB)
Johanna Rau (IZBI, ), Kerstin Jacobi (IZBI, )


Wednesday, 12th June

12.00 Arrival from Leipzig
12.30-13.30 Lunch
14.00 Welcome
14.00 Arsen Arakelyan (IMB)
14.10 Henry Loeffler-Wirth (IZBI)
14.20 Hans Binder (IZBI/ABI) Past, present and future
Miracles of the skin: fibroblasts
14.40 Sandra Franz (Med) fibroblasts and wound healing
15.00 Arpine Grigoryan (ABI) Human Adult and Fetal Fibroblasts Subtypes and Developmental Paths
15.10 Marta Torregrossa (Med) Iron mice
15.30 Melina Tamazyan (ABI) Single cell RNA-seq of local iron-overloaded and control DX mice skin
15.40 Discussion
15.50 – 16.20 Coffee
Immune Bioinformatics
16.20 Claudia Lehmann/ Ilias Doxiadis (Med) History of Transplantation
16.50 Henry Loeffler-Wirth (IZBI) Computational Immunology
17.10 Sveta Mnatsakanyan (ABI) Cancer Immune therapy: Macrophages
18.05 Discussion
Cancer Bioinformatics
18.15 Meline Hakobyan (IMB) PanCancer analysis of telomere maintenance mechanisms
18.30 Yeva Bareghamyan (IMB) Explainable AI tools for DLBCL lymphoma classification
18.35 – 19.30 Dinner

Thursday, 13th June

7:30 – 8.30 Breakfast
FAST advanced session: Vine Bioinformatics for Health
9.00 Maria Nikoghosyan (ABI,IMB) Armenian GrapeVine diversity
9.20 Anush Baloyan (ABI) Admixture meets SOM portrayal for interpreting genetic components of grapevine
9.35 Emma Hovhanniyan (ABI) Phenotype associations of the Armenian vine
9.50 Tomas Konecny (ABI, IZBI) Vine under very low temperature stress
10.05 Armine Asatryan (ABI, IMB) Drought stress in vine
10.20 Discussion
Molecular Mechanisms of Melanoma
10.30 Manfred Kunz (Med) Early stage melanoma development
11.15 Maria Schmidt (IZBI) Melanoma heterogeneity on single cell level
11.30 Hans Binder (IZBI) Melanoma heterogeneity in space
11.40 Siras Hakobyan (IMB/ABI) Melanoma heterogeneity on pathway level
11.55 Melina Tamazyan (ABI) Developmental heterogeneity of melanoma
12.05 Luiza Stepanyan (ABI) Melnoma heterogeneity in pseudotime
12.15 Discussion
12.30-13.30 Lunch
Miracles of the skin: Glands
13.30 Marlon Schneider (Vet) Assessing the sebaceous differentiation landscape by single-cell and spatial transcriptomics
14.00 Julia Nilam Schauer (IZBI) Meibome Gland- spatial transcriptomics
14.15 Discussion
Medical Informatics and Lifebanking
14.25 Toralf Kirsten (Med) Medical Informatics
14.55 Arsen Arakelyan (IMB) Armenian Lifebank and beyond
15.10 Henry Loeffler-Wirth (IZBI) SOM browser and Leipzig Health Atlas
15.25 Discussion
15.35 – 16.05 Coffee
Epigenetics and Modeling
16.05 Jörg Galle (IZBI) Modelling the colonic crypt
16.20 Jörg Galle (IZBI) Epigenetics
16.45 Tomas Konecny (ABI,IZBI) Plant developmental biology and epigenetics
17.10 Discussion
18.30 – 19.30 Dinner

Friday, 14th June

7:30 – 8.30 Breakfast
SOM portrayal
9.00 Henry Loeffler (IZBI) Basics
9.30 Hans Binder (IZBI, ABI) SOM in the context
9.45 Arsen Arakelyan (IMB,ABI) Multi-omics and adding new samples
10.00 Discussion
10.10 Anja Saalbach (Med)
Control of cell proliferation and differentiation by Thy-1
10.40 Arpine Grigoryan (ABI) Thy-1 knockout and wildtype mice: Case VS Control scRNA-seq study
10.55 Discussion
Next and cool
11.05 Team Vine
11.25 Team Disease and Health
11.50 Team Omics & Bioinformatics
12.15 Team Crazy
12.30-13.30 Lunch
Departure to Leipzig


Arakelyan, Arsen – IMB, ABI,
Asatryan, Armine – IMB, ABI,
Bareghamyan, Yeva – IMB,
Baloyan, Anusch – ABI,
Binder, Hans – IZBI, ABI,
Doxiadis, Ilias –
Franz, Sandra – ULEI, Medicine,
Galle, Jörg – IZBI,
Grigoryan, Arpine – ABI,
Hakobyan, Meline – IMB,
Hakobyan, Siras – IMB, ABI,
Hovhannisyan, Emma – ABI,
Kirsten, Toralf – ULEI, Medicine,
Konecny, Tomas – IZBI, ABI,
Kunz, Manfred – ULEI, Medicine,>
Lehmann, Claudia – ULEI, Medicine,
Löffler-Wirth, Henry – IZBI,
Loui, Juliane – ULEI, Medicine,
Mnatsakanyan, Sveta – ABI,
Nikoghosyan, Maria – ABI, IMB,
Saalbach, Anja – ULEI, Medicine,
Schauer, Julia Nilam – IZBI,
Schmidt, Maria – IZBI,
Schneider, Marlon – ULEI, VetMed,
Stepanyan, Luiza – ABI,
Tamazyan, Melina – ABI,,
Torregrossa, Marta – ULEI, Medicine,

*IMB: Institute of Molecular Biology (Academy of Sciences of Armenia), Yerevan
*ABI: Armenian Bioinformatics Institute, Yerevan
*IZBI: Interdisciplinary Centre for Bioinformatics, University of Leipzig
*ULEI-Med: Medical Faculty of the University of Leipzig and University Hospital:
Clinics for Dermatolgy; Max-Bürger Research Centre, Laboratory for Transplantation Immunology
*ULEI-VetMed: Faculty of Veterenary Medicine, University of Leipzig

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