System-based predictions for the biological and clinical behavior of gliomas

Sys-GLIO is one of several projects for brain cancer education within the German Glioma Network. It is about understanding the molecular mechanisms of action and the identification of molecular markers for the fine diagnosis of this disease. The IZBI is significantly involved with work on gene expression analysis and DNA methylation. (Prof. Löffler, Dr. Binder). As part of the E: med network SyS GLIO, the IZBI, in cooperation with the IMISE, takes on tasks related to the validation of innovative biomarkers on the patients of the German Glioma Network (GGN) and should include high-grade gliomas from the perspective. Investigations to identify additional markers of tumor progression and heterogeneity will continue.

project leader PD Dr. Hans Binder

duration 01.03.2015 – 31.12.2019

third-party founding