The „Leipzig Health Atlas“ (LHA) provides a multifunctional and quality-assured data atlas to a broad user community. It draws on extensive data, methods and experience from clinical and epidemiological studies, systems medicine research networks, bioinformatics method projects and ontological research projects of Leipzig partners. The main tasks are 1. the semantic data integration and the construction of the ontologies and analysis services, 2. the provision and validation of the source projects and 3. the integration in a data sharing platform for research and retrieval of the results.

The focus was on building the technical CMS platform, designing and implementing the metadata ontology, and preparing and integrating exemplary project content into the LHA research database.

In cooperation with IMISE (Prof. Dr. Markus Löffler) the current IZBI projects at LHA are:

Stay up to date with our highly current Covid‐19 viewer, the ultimative interactive and intuitive tool to monitor the development of the pandemic in 188 countries.

oposSOM is a comprehensive data analysis software combining diversity analyses, biomarker selection, functional information mining, and visualization to the machine learning based ‘high-dimensional data portraying’.

The LHA Body typer is an interactive app that enables interested users to determine their body type by manual measuring of few body lengths and girths.