Computational Biology meets BIG data Challenges and novel avenues in Life and Data Sciences

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Bioinformatics is an emerging interdisciplinary field that revolutionized our understanding of the foundations of life and associated fields, such as molecular medicine and biotechnology. The flood of genomic, clinical and phenotypic data presently generated by novel sequencing and other high-throughput technologies urge for innovative solutions at the intersection of biology, data sciences, and medicine.

The school aims at bringing together scientists and students with interest in life and data sciences to learn about cutting edge topics in these fields, to discuss novel ideas and to establish interdisciplinary collaboration supporting their future work.

MAIN TOPICS covered (more details will be available in the course program)

  • Genomic foundations of Health and Disease
  • Mining big BioData and integrative Bioinformatics
  • Developmental and Single Cell Genomics
  • Drug repurposing and gene-based pharma
  • Population genomics and the impact of the ‘Armenian Genome’
  • Algorithms and Machine Learning for Life Sciences