Dr. rer. nat. Marianne Quaas

Dr. rer. nat. Marianne Quaas

Former IZBI Position: POST DOC


+49 341 97 17556

Current: University of Leipzig, Department of Surgery, Research Laboratories, Scientific Assistant


2022 (1)

  • Romy Winkler, Marianne Quaas, Stefan Glasmacher, Uwe Wolfrum, Torsten Thalheim, Jörg Galle, Knut Krohn, Thomas M. Magin, Gabriela Aust. The Adhesion G-Protein-Coupled Receptor GPR115/ADGRF4 Regulates Epidermal Differentiation and Associates with Cytoskeletal KRT1. Cells. 2022. 11: 3151.

2021 (2)

  • Felix Hofmann, Torsten Thalheim, Karen Rother, Marianne Quaas, Christiane Kerner, Jens Przybilla, Gabriela Aust, Joerg Galle. How to Obtain a Mega-Intestine with Normal Morphology: In Silico Modelling of Postnatal Intestinal Growth in a Cd97-Transgenic Mouse. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2021. 22: 7345.
  • T. Thalheim, S. Siebert, M. Quaas, M. Herberg, M. R. Schweiger, G. Aust, J. Galle. Epigenetic Drifts during Long-Term Intestinal Organoid Culture. Cells. 2021. 10: 1718.

2020 (1)

  • T. Thalheim, L. Hopp, M. Herberg, S. Siebert, C. Kerner, M. Quaas, M. R. Schweiger, G. Aust, J. Galle. Fighting Against Promoter DNA Hyper-Methylation: Protective Histone Modification Profiles of Stress-Resistant Intestinal Stem Cells. Int J Mol Sci. 2020. 21:

2019 (1)

  • M. Herberg, S. Siebert, M. Quaas, T. Thalheim, K. Rother, M. Hussong, J. Altmuller, C. Kerner, J. Galle, M. R. Schweiger, G. Aust. Loss of Msh2 and a single-radiation hit induce common, genome-wide, and persistent epigenetic changes in the intestine. Clin Epigenetics. 2019. 11: 019-0639.

2018 (1)

  • T. Thalheim, M. Quaas, M. Herberg, U. D. Braumann, C. Kerner, M. Loeffler, G. Aust, J. Galle. Linking stem cell function and growth pattern of intestinal organoids. Dev Biol. 2018. 433: 254-261.