Prof. Dr. Katja Nowick

Prof. Dr.  Katja Nowick


+49 30 838 63761

Current: Freie Universität Berlin, Proffessorin für Humanbiologie, Nowick Group


  • Advanced Postdoc Award from the Volkswagen Foundation that supports her research group at Leipzig University,
  • Project Leader, IZBI, Leipzig University 2014 - 2015
  • current Project:


  • study of the evolution of primates, especially interested in the molecular forces that shape phenotypic differences between primate species: What makes us human?
  • main focus: the impact of transcription factors (TFs) on differences in transcriptomes, gene regulatory networks, and ultimately the phenotype.
  • major goals: 1. Identify all TFs of each primate species to pinpoint which TFs were born or lost in which lineage, 2. Functionally characterize species-specific TFs and TFs that changed species-specifically, 3. Understand how evolutionary changes in TFs affect gene regulatory network differences between primate species,
  • I´m also interested in other factors that influence transcriptomic differences, such as the evolution of non-coding RNAs and the epigenome.


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