PD Dr. rer. nat. habil. Hans Binder

PD Dr. rer. nat. habil. Hans Binder
Tel: 0341 - 97 16671
E-Mail: binder@izbi.uni-leipzig.de
Web: List of Publications
Room: 314
Position: Managing Director
Group: Omics bioinformatics for health and systems biology

Academic Career

  • Diploma in Biophysics, Kharkov-State-University (Ukraina) 1979
  • Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.), Monte Carlo Simulations on Lipid Membranes, University Leipzig 1984
  • Habil. (Dr. rer. nat. habil.), Infrared Linear Dichroism of Ordered Amphiphilic Systems, University Leipzig 2001
  • Bioinformatics since 2002

Scientific Interests

I am presently in my third scientific life after long and interesting journeys into the fields of computer simulations and biophysical chemistry of biocompounds, especially lipid membranes. I am presently interested to disentangle mechanisms of genomic regulation of cell functions on gene level which deliver one key for the understanding of many diseases. This includes for example genetic defects, epigenetic mechanisms and transcriptional activation and deactivation of the genes.  Iam also interested in developing comprehensive methods that help to analyze high-dimensional data.  Last but not least I believe that there is also interesting life beyond bioinformatics.



2017 (1)

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2016 (6)

  • D. Mangani, M. Weller, E. Seyed Sadr, E. Willscher, K. Seystahl, G. Reifenberger, G. Tabatabai, H. Binder, H. Schneider. Limited role for transforming growth factor-beta pathway activation-mediated escape from VEGF inhibition in murine glioma models. Neuro Oncol. 2016. 18: 1610-1621.
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2015 (9)

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2014 (14)

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2013 (5)

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2012 (6)

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2011 (6)

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2010 (6)

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