Dr. rer. nat. Thimo Rohlf

Tel: 0341 - 97 16668
E-Mail: rohlf@izbi.uni-leipzig.de
Room: 441
Position: Project Leader

Academic Career

Scientific Interests


2014 (1)

  • J. Przybilla, T. Rohlf, M. Löffler, J. Galle. Understanding epigenetic changes in aging stem cells--a computational model approach. Aging Cell. 2014. 13: 320-8.

2013 (1)

  • H. Binder, L. Steiner, J. Przybilla, T. Rohlf, S. Prohaska, J. Galle. Transcriptional regulation by histone modifications: towards a theory of chromatin re-organization during stem cell differentiation. Phys Biol. 2013. 10: 026006.

2012 (3)

  • L. Steiner, L. Hopp, H. Wirth, J. Galle, H. Binder, S. J. Prohaska, T. Rohlf. A global genome segmentation method for exploration of epigenetic patterns. PLoS One. 2012. 7: e46811.
  • T. Rohlf, L. Steiner, J. Przybilla, S. Prohaska, H. Binder, J. Galle. Modeling the dynamic epigenome: from histone modifications towards self-organizing chromatin. Epigenomics. 2012. 4: 205-19.
  • J. Przybilla, J. Galle, T. Rohlf. Is adult stem cell aging driven by conflicting modes of chromatin remodeling?. Bioessays. 2012. 34: 841-8.

2003 (3)

  • T. Rohlf, C. Winkler, S. Bornholdt. Emergent Network Structure, Dynamics and Evolution of an Artificial Genome. 2003.
  • T Rohlf, S. Bornholdt. Spatio-temporal pattern formation in a system of coupled dynamical networks. 2003.
  • T Rohlf, S. Bornholdt. Gene regulatory networks: A discrete model of dynamics and topological evolution. In: Function and regulation of cellular systems: experiments and models, Birkhäuser Verlag Basel 2003. in press. Ed: A. Deutsch and J. Howard and M. Falcke and W. Zimmermann.

2002 (2)

  • T Rohlf, C Winkler, S. Bornholdt. Emerging gene regulation network architecture in an artificial genome. 2002.
  • T Rohlf, S. Bornholdt. Criticality in Random Threshold Networks: Annealed Approximation and Beyond. Physica A. 2002. 310: 245-259.