Workshop ‚Genome Bioinformatics for Health‘

June 25<supth – 27th 2018
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  • Genomic regulation in health and disease
  • Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, Genetics causes of diseases
  • Disease phenotypes, describing disease progression, treatment resistance
  • Sequencing bioinformatics, understanding the genome
  • Machine learning, clever tools and methods
  • Cancer, inflammatory and civilization diseases, ageing
  • Pharmacogenomics, microbiomics
  • Pathway Bioinformatics
  • Modeling, Systems Biology
  • …and whatever fits into this topic

The workshop is part of the joint program ‚PathwayMaps‘ between the Interdisciplinary Centre for Bioinformatics of LE-University and the Institute for Molecular Biology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia. We are very happy to welcome our friends from Ukraine (Kiev), Czech Republic (Olomouc), Poland (Warsaw).


25th: arrival in Grossbothen
26th and 27th workshop
27th evening: transfer to LE


The WS will take place in the ‚Ostwald-Park‘ (W. Ostwald Nobel-price for Physical Chemistry 1909 for his work on catalysis and chemical equilibria…this was bioinformatics at those times!!!!)

Wilhelm Ostwald Gedenkstätte in Grossbothen (ca. 30 km to the East from LE)

Transfers and accommodation:

…will be organized on personal basis…

Please let us know your arrival and departure dates and places (check your details in the participants list at the end of this document)


Johanna Rau ( ): organization
Hans Binder ( ): scientific program, all issues


Talks are 25 min plus discussion.

Tuesday, June 25th
17.00 Barbecue, Beer & Co
Tuesday, June 26th
9.00 -9.30 Welcome: Genome Bioinformatics for health – a wild perspective? Hans Binder
9.30 –10.00 Genome Bioinformatics for health – an eastern perspective! Arsen Arakelyan
10.00 -10.30 Biomedical data – challenges and pitfalls Eva Kriegova
10.30 -11.00 Break
11.00 -11.30 Machine learning to disentangle tumor heterogeneity and progression Henry Löffler-Wirth
11.30 -12.00 Analysis of disease associated genetic risk factors distribution across different populations using machine learning technique Maria Nikogoshyan
12.00 -12.30 Footprints of infections in the blood transcriptome Lydia Hopp
12.30 -13.30 Lunch
13.30 -14.00 Telomere length inheritance: lessons from the Netherlands Genome Project Lilit Nersisyan
14.00 -14.30 NGS in Biomedicine: Are you ready for SMRT revolution? Leszek Pryszcz
14.30 -15.00 Feature selection Pavel Kromer
15.00 -15.30 break
15.30 -16.00 Bayesian inference Alina Frolova
16.00 -16.30 Assessment of somatic mutations impact on the activity of biological pathways in tumors Siras Hakobyan
16.30 -17.00 Discussion of the day
Dinner in Ostwald park
Wednesday, June 27th
9.00 -9.30 Premature termination codon containing mRNA content in tumors Anna Hakobyan
9.30 –10.00 Between tumor protective and supportive response on DNA damage: Epigenetic deregulation in the intestine. Jörg Galle
10.00 -10.30 Networks as Visual Data Mining Tool Milos Kudelka
10.30 -11.00 Break
11.00 -11.30 Computational flow cytometry Zuzana Mikulkova
11.30 -12.00 Single cell bioinformatics Henry Löffler-Wirth
12.00 -12.30 Transcriptome-based cytometry in the blood and in cancer tissues Erik Fortenbacher
12.30 -13.30 Lunch
13.30 -14.00 Bivalent chromatin in cancer Stephan Bernhart
14.00 -14.30 Integrating tools into the galaxy framework Jörg Fallmann
14.30 -15.00 Transcriptional subgroups of Celiac Disease in Children Edith Willscher
15.00 -15.30 break
15.30 -16.00 ClinCNV: novel method for large-scale CNV and CNA discovery German Demidov
16.00 -16.30 Discussion of the day
Ca. 17.00 Transfer to LE