1.-5.07.2019: Genome Bioinformatics for Health – Workshop and Summer School in Yerevan, Armenia

Conference link for registration: http://www.molbiol.sci.am/workshop9111

We cordially invite scientists and students interested in the latest developments and background knowledge in this fascinating field of life sciences to attend a combined workshop/summer school.

Bioinformatics and genomics have proven their ability to change the paradigm in  biomedical research and discovery of innovative diagnostics and medicines. With the launch of the Armenian Genome Project, these multidisciplinary scientific fields will become the main drivers of the development of basic and applied biomedical research and establishment of precision medicine in Armenia. 

This is the second workshop, which is organized as a part of the joint projects “PathwayMaps” and “oBIG: Partner Initiative in Bioinformatics, Systems Medicine and Health” between the Interdisciplinary Centre for Bioinformatics of Leipzig University and the Bioinformatics Group of the for Molecular Biology NAS RA. The summer school is partially funded by the RA Committee of Sciences grant to the Russian-Armenian University.

The whole event is divided into two parts: Summer School and Workshop

The Summer School is intended for motivated students and young scientists with background in Biology, Mathematics, Statistics, and/or Computer science and little or no experience in bioinformatics or/and genomic data analysis. The school will feature lectures, paper discussion rounds, and young scientist pitches about basic and advanced topics of computational biology, genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of diseases such as cancer, infectious and immune diseases, and application of bioinformatics/statistics in translational research and genomic medicine.

The workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers from the East and the West and at strengthening cooperation with Armenian research initiatives. The workshop will involve young scientist with background in bioinformatics or/and genomic data analysis. The participants are encouraged to submit an abstract and present it during one of the sessions and discuss their ideas.

The participants can apply separately for the summer school and the workshop based on their background and interests. However, for those who are doing their first steps in bioinformatics, it can be interesting to participate in both events.

Main topics

  • Molecular mechanisms of diseases: genetics, epigenetics and transcriptomics and their interplay
  • in genomic regulation cancer bioinformatics
  • Microbiomics, metagenomics and genomics of MDR
  • Infectious diseases, Computational Immunology
  • Single cell bioinformatics
  • Civilization diseases, population genetics
  • Molecular diagnostics, genetic markers, pharmacogenomics
  • Machine learning for genome bioinformatics
  • Medical informatics, data sharing

Organizing committee:

Arsen Arakelyan (Chair)
Hans Binder (Chair)
Henry Loffler-Wirth
Roksana Zakharyan
Maria Nikoghosyan
Siras Hakobyan


Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA

Interdisciplinary Center for Bioinformatics
University of Leipzig

Russian-Armenian University