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Leipzig Bioinformatics Working Papers ISSN 1860-2746
No. 21 (February 2010)
Transcriptional memory emerges from cooperative histone modifications
Hans Binder, Lydia Steiner, Henry Wirth, Thimo Rohlf, Sonja Prohaska, Jörg Galle
No. 20 (February 2010)
Gene expression in artificial genomes after perturbations: gene insertions and knock-outs
Lydia Hopp, Jörg Galle und Hans Binder
No. 19 (February 2010)
Gene expression density profiles characterize modes of genomic regulation Theory and experiment
Hans Binder, Henry Wirth, Jörg Galle
No. 18 (April 2009)
Intrinsic metrics for hybridization control and global expression profiling the fruit fly developmental time series
Hans Binder, Carolin Ulbricht, Mario Fasold and Jan Brücker
No. 17 (April 2008)
Analyzing the Evolution of Life Science Ontologies and Mappings
Michael Hartung, Toralf Kirsten, and Erhard Rahm
No. 16 (November 2007)
Calibration of microarray geneexpression data
Hans Binder, Stephan Preibisch and Hilmar Berger
No. 15 (June 2007)
Hochdimensionale Statistik Anwendung in der Genexpressionsanalyse
Jürgen Läuter
No. 14 (May 2007)
Entwicklung und Implementierung eines Auswertungswerkzeuges für Matrix-CGH-Daten, diploma thesis
Markus Kreuz
No. 13 (August 2006)
Suche von Gen-Strukturen mit Hilfe multivariater Tests, diploma thesis
Michael Friedemann
No. 12 (June 2006)
Sequenzspezifische Signalanalyse von Genexpressionsdaten, diploma thesis
Stephan Preibisch
No. 11 (March 2006)
An integrated platform for analyzing molecular-biological data within clinical studies
Toralf Kirsten, Jörg Lange, Erhard Rahm
No. 10 (March 2006)
GeneChip microarrays - signal intensities, RNA-concentrations and probe sequences
Hans Binder and Stephan Preibisch
No. 9 (March 2006)
Thermodynamics of competitive surface adsorption on DNA-microarrays
Hans Binder
No. 8 (February 2006)
Current Projects - Interdisciplinary Centre for Bioinformatics and Bioinformatics Group at the Department for Computer Science
No. 7 (September 2005)
Hochdimensionale Statistik - Anwendung in der Genexpressionsanalyse
(Vorlesung am Interdisziplinären Zentrum für Bioinformatik 2003/ 2005)
Juergen Läuter
No. 6 (April 2005)
Integration von Genannotationen aus Web-Datenquellen
Christine Körner
Abstract, PDF
No. 5 (April 2005)
Theoretical concepts of tissue stem cell organization
Ingo Roeder, Joerg Galle and Markus Loeffler
No. 4 (Februar 2005)
Probing gene expression - sequence specific hybridization on microarrays
Hans Binder
No. 3 (Januar 2005)
Comparison of background correction and normalization procedures for high-density oligonucleotide microarrays
Johannes M. Freudenberg
No. 2 (November 2004)
Flexible Verwaltung und Spezifikation von Experimentannotationen für Genexpressionsanalysen
Jörg Lange
Abstract, PDF
No. 1 (November 2004)
A Data Warehouse for Multidimensional Gene Expression Analysis
Toralf Kirsten, Hong-Hai Do, Erhard Rahm
Abstract, PDF

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