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Curriculum Bioinformatics

The bioinformatics curriculum was activated in autumn 2000. It is formally designed as a specialisation ("Studienrichtung") of the regular computer science curriculum ("Diplom-studiengang Informatik"). The graduation document certifies the degree in computer science with the notification of a deepened specialisation in bioinformatics.

A focus of bioinformatics in the main study consists of at least 27 units, 20 of which have to be covered as lectures. The remaining 7 units need to be practica and seminars.

In the first two years (basic study) the bioinformatics curriculum follows the general computer science curriculum supplemented by courses in the life sciences (mandatory minor area of study, "Nebenfach Biowissenschaften").
Starting in the third year students focus on bioinformatics ("Schwerpunktfach") and continue classes in the life sciences.

The teaching program is supported by three faculties. The overall responsibility for the Curriculum in Bioinformatics rests with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Prof. Stadler was nominated as the primary coordinator. The requirements in Life Sciences (Nebenfach Biowissenschaften) are determined by the Bioscience Faculty. A significant part of the main curriculum (biostatistics and biometry, modelling of dynamical processes) are provided by the Medical Faculty (IMISE). Further courses for advanced students are offered by members of the participating MPIs.

As a speciality we plan a modular system for a bioinformatics practical course. We will offer at least 6 modules of which a student has to successfully pass at least two. Each module is designed as a mini-research project, which requires preparation, analysis of a given data set, writing an essay and presenting the results in a talk.

The University of Leipzig offers an interdisciplinary study program in Bioinformatics. This study program is a cooperation of three of the university's faculties, namely the faculty of Mathemtics and Computer Science, the faculty of Medicine and the faculty of Biosciences, Pharmacy and Psychology.

Much of the responsibility for the Bioinformatics study program resides with the Chair of Bioinformatics, currently held by Professor Peter F. Stadler, since September 2002.

Prof. Stadler's research covers a broad range of topics in bioinformatics and related areas, ranging from the study of RNA secondary structures to genome comparisons and evolutionary processes as well as the theory of complex systems. Research at Prof. Stadler's Chair of Bioinformatics is closely coupled with the application-oriented projects conducted at the IZBI.

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